Note from our Founder

thepandabkry is a bakery filled with human touch and feelings, a place where you know your bakers upfront and personal. Bakes baked out of precision and love.

Each baker specializes in their respective fields and collaborate to bring homebake goods up to a different level. It is also an inclusive safe place to showcase special need baker’s baked goods! 

This is my first entrepreneur project and we hope you will be able to join us in reaching our goal of becoming a self sustainable social enterprise! 

with love, darlene

The Panda Initiative

thepandabkry was established in Feb 2021 when a chance was given to collaborate with Breakthru Enrichment Station, a therapeutic centre for children with special needs in selling their homemade cookies made by the students!

From the fund raising project, thepandabkry has now turned into a home of homemade bakes with the aim of creating an inclusive safe platform for special need homebakers and homebakers to showcase their premium bakes! Serving a point that special needs can in fact earn a living on their own! 

Despite being a group of homebakers that produce at home, thepandabkry aims to serve premium quality baked goods with the advantage of micro-production, each bake is baked with precision and tender care. Each bake represents the effort and love from the baker. 




Breakthru Enrichment Station

Breakthru is a therapeutic centre for children with special needs and learning difficulties. Their mission is to create a safe space for children to learn and grow. Empowering the children to embrace their differences and turn what seems to be obstacles into opportunities! At the centre, children are encouraged to explore and seek their potentials! With classes such as cook-up play and double doodle play to inspire their inner baker or artist! Breakthru believes that all children have an innate potential and ability to live an extraordinary life of their own!